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PAC XP-400HF Pickleball Paddle

PAC Paddles

The XP-400HF Paddle from PAC Paddles is made from high impact fiberglass honeycomb, and features a low-profile, slim-line rubber edge guard. The XP-400HF is a great paddle for seasoned Pickleball players preferring a very light paddle with fast action. This is the lightest pickleball paddle from PAC, which provides full ball control and speed with minimal effort.

The handle profile is thin (4") and wrapped with the Gamma Ultra Cushion Textured grip.

The paddle image shown has a textured Fiberglass skin.

About PAC Paddles
Produced by Pickleball Ambassador Phil Ciaramitaro of Michigan, PAC Paddles are handcrafted and tailored to all players giving them the best weight and balance to bring out the best in their game. PAC offers their paddles in both composite and aluminum cores, with 4 different shapes to choose from, multiple skin options, and with or without paint.

See the detailed specifications and paddle reviews below.

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Product Info

Made in
Retail Price
$ 65.00

Paddle Technical Specs

Average Weight
8.25 ounces
7.9 inches
16 inches
Core Construction
Face Construction
Face Thickness
Grip Manufacturer
Grip Length
5.5 inches
Grip Circumference
4 inches
Deflection Test (6.6 lb)
Deflection Test (11 lb)
Decibel Rating
Design Style

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Deflection Rating

DeflectionTraditionally, paddles have been made from relatively rigid, non-compressible material. That is the traditional concept of a paddle and that is why the game is not played with a stringed racquet. Paddles that produce a trampoline effect or an effect similar to a stringed racquet are specifically disallowed.

The following test is one measure of rigidity and compressibility of the paddle. See paragraph 2.E of the Official Rules for additional specifications.

Deflection Test for Rigidity and Compressibility

The test stand is used to measure deflection of the paddle surface when a known weight is applied. The paddle is supported on blocks five inches in length, separated by 5.5 inches measured at the interior surfaces. A dial indicator measures the deflection in thousandths of an inch.

The photo shows a paddle mounted on the test stand. A known downward weight is applied to the center of the paddle with a one-half inch steel rod.


Decibel Rating

The popularity of Pickleball has been increasing at a rapid rate, and players are looking for new places to play in their local parks and recreation centers. Unfortunately outdoor play is not accepted by all, and courts close to residential neighborhoods have been areas of concern due to the "pop" sounds that many Pickleball paddles make when coming into contact with the wiffle ball. has conducted a Decibel Test on all of the Pickleball paddles we list, allowing us to show consumers which pickleball paddles produce the least amount of noise.

Decibel Test for Pickleball Paddle Noise

Each Pickleball paddle is tested outdoors in the same environment, with a decibel meter placed 15 feet away from the paddle. An outdoor Dura Fast 40 pickleball is used, and hit against each paddle 10 times replicating Pickleball play.

The number listed is the maximum dB rating recorded during the 10 hits. (lower dB rating = less noise)

This test was conducted in May 2013, on 47 paddles that were purchased from the distributors. Decibel ratings ranged from 79 dB (quietest) to 93 dB (loudest).