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What the Heck is Pickleball?
Written by     April 08, 2013    
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Chances are you've seen the AT&T commercials where the kids talk about a "Pickle Roll." The reference is a play on words around the basketball term "Pick and Roll." However, the Pickle Roll could also be in reference to something else often played on a basketball court: "Pickleball."

They say it's the fastest growing sport in North America.

"It's a combination of tennis, table tennis and a little bit maybe of badminton," explains Pickleball ambassador Chris Beal.

And you don't have to like working out to love it.

"I hate to exercise," says Pickelball Ken (more on that later), "you can look at me to see. But I love to pay Pickleball."

The sport began in the 60's but is gaining serious popularity 50 years later.

"The baby boomer generation doesn't want to sit around and play shuffleboard or do craft," says Chris. "They want to be a little more active. It's a quick game, very good for agility, reaction time and balance."

Those who play call it addictive. For instance Ken Marquardt, aka Pickelball Ken. He first played 2 1/2 years ago when there was one court in the Metro area.

"What's nice about this, I am one of the oldest at 73," explains Ken, "but I can play with my kids and grandkids and so it's for all ages."

Right now there are 18 courts and counting and Ken has become so addicted, he not only has a nickname, he has a logo.

"It's a pickle with my scrawny arms and my scrawny legs and moustache and glasses."

Not bad for a guy who hates to exercise.

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