Industry News Sun City Grand Woman Produces 4th Edition of Pickleball Book
The Art of Pickleball

Sun City Grand Woman Produces 4th Edition of Pickleball Book
Written by     April 21, 2013    
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Gale Leach and her husband, Richard, moved to Sun City Grand in the summer of 2004 from California. Until that time, neither of them had ever heard of pickleball, but they decided to try it. They said they were hooked the first day.

The couple joined the Sun City Grand pickleball club and in a few months, Gale had risen to the “B” ladder, but she wanted to learn more.

She bought and read the two books about pickleball that were available. She took clinics offered by the pickleball club and spoke to other players. She also watched what the best players did on the court that the less-experienced players did not do and took notes.

Finally, she said she realized that, while the pickleball books she’d read contained good information, they weren’t what she’d been looking for. A technical writer and graphic designer by trade before retiring in 2004, she applied those skills to the information she’d gathered and started writing her own book — one she hoped would be easy to understand and would help anyone at any level learn how to become better at pickleball.

Gale spent hours interviewing players at Sun City Grand and other communities as far away as Florida.

On May 1, the fourth edition of “The Art of Pickleball” will be available in both paperback and ebook versions.

The book sells for $19.95; the ebook is $7.99. Those interested in learning more about the sport can buy an autographed copy on the author’s website at or from the publisher at

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