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Manta Launches 2g Pickleball Paddles
Written by     July 05, 2013    
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Manta World Sport is pleased to announce the launch of two new “2G” (or Second Generation) pickleball paddles, the Manta Ray XP and the Tornado F5. These high performance carbon and graphite paddles place Manta firmly on the vanguard of pickleball manufacturers and will be available at retail outlets in August of 2013.

2G specifications: Materials – Carbon / Graphite Avg. Weight – 8.2 oz / 232.46 g Width – 8″ – 203 mm / 20.3 cm Length – 15.625″ / 397 mm / 39.7 cm Handle Length – 5“ / 127 mm / 12.7 cm 

Meets all USAPA and IFP specifications.

These carbon fibre 2G paddles have an average weight of 8.2 oz and meet all USAPA and IFP specifications. Both styles are approved for use in all tournaments in Canada and the USA and they are both listed as meeting criteria in the most recent Paddle Material Specifications document released by the USAPA.

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