Here you can view a list of all available Pickleball Paddles, and sort / group by Manufacturer, construction, size, grip style, decibel rating, and price. The initial view shows paddles grouped by manufacturer. You can drag additional column names to the (Red) grouping bar at the top, or drag "Manufacturer" out of the grouping bar to remove. Sort any column by clicking on the column name, click once for ascending, twice for descending, and a third time to reset to default. If there is a paddle missing from the list, please contact to get the product added. Values shown for Width, Length and Grip (L) are in inches, value shown for Weight is in ounces.

Grip (L)=Grip Length, Grip (C)=Grip Circumference, DF (6.6) & (11.0) are Deflection Tests, dB=Decibel Sound Rating